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Microblading Enhancement                       $450
Microblading Recreation                             $500
Microblading Correction                              $550

Combo Brow (Microblading & Shading)   $500
Combo Brow Correction                             $600

Annual Visit                                                  $250<

Perfecting Visit                                           $0<3m

Consultation                                                 Free

Freckles                                                        $150<

Lash Enhancement                                      $250

Add Shading to second visit                        $50

Brow Immortelle Oil                                     $25

Annual visits are for previous clients wishing to touch up their brows 10-12 months after their perfecting visit. Any annual over a year and a half will have an additional charge. If it has been two years since your last service you may be booking a full brow service.

An annual touch up is still a touch up. if you have little to no pigment/no visible hair strokes left that will not be considered a touch up.

I do not touch up other artists work. Any previous permanent make up/tattoo eyebrows will be considered a correction appointment. For any previous work I do require photos of your current brows or we can do an in-person consultation.