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Combo Brows

from  $550

ABOUT Combo Brows

The Combo Brow service is performed with a combination of microblading and shading with pigments that are meant to fade out gracefully overtime. Combo Brows are used to build structure and and density to the eyebrows with lifelike hair strokes and the fullness from the shading for a bolder look. 

This service includes your perfecting visit. It is only included from week 6 up to 3 months post initial session. Anything further than the 3 month timeframe will start at $50.


Annual Touch Up Pricing:
12-17 months past initial session: $300

18-23 months past initial session: $400

2 Years or more from your last visit will not be considered an annual touch up  you will be booking for a full service appointment.

Correction Appointments

This service is for anyone with previous permanent make up (6 years to 10 years) I do not touch up other artists work so please book accordingly. 

If there is still any residual pigment or visible scarring you are then going to be booking in as a brow correction.



  • Deposits are Non Refundable. If you neglect to read all medical contraindication and I cannot work on you, you thus forfeit your deposit.

  • Follow all pre care instructions before your appointment. If you neglect to read and prepare for your appointment and I cannot work on you, you thus forfeit your deposit.

  • If you exceed 2 years since your previous appointment, a new service will be required at full price.

  • For Microblading we require 48 hours notice if you decide to reschedule your appointment.

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